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Special formulas for each sector.

Textile Chemicals

It contains an overview of all excipients. You can find detailed information in the technical sections in the catalogue. Özel ürünler ve özel prosesler bu standart katologda yer almamaktadır. You can get detailed information by forwarding such requests to Altındağ Kimya team. Altındağ Kimya team is always ready for any kind of technical information exchange at any time of the day.

Among our products; adhesives, joint fillers, waterproofing systems, floor systems, special-purpose products, mold release agents, concrete additives, mortar additives.

Altındağ Kimya offers its customers all the chemicals required for the textile printing industry. It always provides service with its product range in pigments, dyes, binders, thickeners (natural and synthetic), pre-treatment and dyeing applications.

Having a wide product range in industrial cleaning products, ALTINDAĞ KİMYA also provides R&D and formulation consultancy services to companies in the industrial cleaning sector.

We offer tailor-made solutions to meet both mandatory standards and our customers’ own requirements. Our products for the agricultural sector; Classic and special fertilizer types based on Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P2O5), Potassium (K), which are additional basic elements required by the soil.

We offer products with high standards for food safety and quality.

We supply raw materials and produce innovative solutions with our wide product portfolio for the detergent and cleaning industry.

As ALTINDAĞ KİMYA, to serve the entire drilling industry by providing productive and innovative solutions in line with the wishes of the companies by using advanced technology.